Remanufacture Your Tires for a Sustainable Future

Our mold-cure remanufactured tires are built to new specs with matched diameters every time — See how you can have all the cost benefits of a retread tire and all the performance of a new tire.



Designed to give you full traction wherever the road may lead.


Specially engineered to improve fuel economy and reduce road noise.


Designed to give you optimal performance for specialty applications.

Wide Base

The AcuTread® process is also able to provide our customers with wide base tire options.

About AcuTread

The AcuTread® Process is a highly advanced retreading system engineered second to none. The clean, modern manufacturing environment and advanced training programs foster a culture of quality that makes the AcuTread® Process extremely successful. The AcuTread® Process is the precision remanufacturing of a new tread to a worn tire casing. Using highly advanced mold cure retreading technology to rebuild tires to completely new specs, we produce remanufactured tires that rival new tire quality.                                  

Our Process

The AcuTread® Process is the precision remanufacturing of a new tread to a worn tire casing.
Our 7-step process ensures a finished product that is high-quality, uniform, and rivals the adhesion value of new tires. Our trained AcuTread® inspection technicians leave no room for errors, guaranteeing the final product is at an unrivaled level of quality.

Fuel Efficiency

The rubber compounds used to produce AcuTread® tires are specially formulated for superior adhesion, long wear, fuel efficiency, and cut resistance.
Computerized extruders allow AcuTread® tires to be produced with custom rubber compounds that fit your specific requirements.
AcuTread LDL Full Depth Siping Tire

Full Depth Siping

Full Traction – Full depth siping aids in traction and assists in dispersing heat from the tread.

This “new tire” feature reduces casing fatigue and stress due to excessive heat build-up in the tread. Lower tread temperature is a key factor in extended wear and fuel economy.

Matched Diameters

Even Weight Distribution – Matched diameters allow for even load distribution, extending mileage and reducing heat build-up.

AcuTread® tires are cured in a segmented mold which produces a fixed diameter every time – just like new tires. Each tire—regardless of brand—is within 1/32” in diameter.


Saving green and being green can work hand-in-hand.

Retreading is better for the planet and your budget. By keeping waste to a minimum and reusing the tire, retreaded truck tires save approximately 15 gallons of oil per tire, compared to brand new tires. Additionally, retreads make it possible to save as much as 50% compared to the price of a new tire without sacrificing safety, performance, or handling.