Tread Designs for Every Need


Tread Designs for Every Need

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Tread Designs for Every Need

About AcuTread

As the largest manufacturer of AcuTread mold cure products, we are able to provide elite retread programs.

  • New tire quality
  • Rebuilt to new specs
  • All matched diameters

The AcuTread® Process is a highly advanced retreading system that is engineered second to none.  The clean, modern manufacturing environment and advanced training programs foster a culture of quality that makes the AcuTread® Process extremely successful.

The AcuTread® Process is the precision remanufacturing of a new tread to a worn tire casing. The highly advanced system, is the predominant method of retreading in Europe and Japan by leading new tire manufacturers. It is becoming widely used by many well-known trucking companies and new tire manufacturers in the United States.


"We use AcuTread® retreads, which have proven to be a great product that out performs others and is a major source of helping to reduce the costs of maintaining our fleet."

" AcuTread® is a great quality product for the price. The product has a fantastic tread life and they all have matched heights."