The AcuTread® Exact Difference

AcuTread® is an industry leader in mold cure tire retreading products for medium trucks including semis, tractor-trailers, and off-road.
The AcuTread® Mold Cure Process is the precision remanufacturing of a new tread to a worn tire casing, almost identically to the way the world’s leading manufacturers produce new tires.

What You Can Expect From Our Products

New Tire Quality

AcuTread® products can withstand severe twisting, turning, and higher running temperatures—just like new tires.

Custom Rubber Compounds

The rubber compounds used to produce AcuTread® tires are specially formulated for superior adhesion, long wear, fuel efficiency, and cut resistance.

All Matched Diameters

AcuTread® tires are cured in a segmented mold which produces a fixed diameter every time—resulting in one of the most uniform and consistent finished products on the market today.

The AcuTread® Mold Cure Process

The AcuTread® Process is a highly advanced retreading system engineered second to none.

Our Mission

At AcuTread, we go above and beyond, delivering unparalleled service and products.

Committed to innovation, we embrace cutting-edge technology while ensuring our remanufactured tires align seamlessly with the specifications, aesthetics, and performance of new tires. We’re not just shaping tires; we’re shaping the future of tire performance, continuously striving for excellence in the retreading industry.

Our Values

Quality Assurance
We are committed to producing high-quality remanufactured tire products that meet or exceed industry standards. The AcuTread® Process lends itself to quality control at every step of the way.
We are committed to embracing and investing in innovative technologies and methods that allow us to remain industry leaders in mold cure retreading. Continuous research and development ensure that AcuTread® products remain cutting-edge.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the retreading process as a whole. Our processes allow us to avoid rubber waste, reduce the use of raw materials like crude oil, and reduce CO2 emissions.

We are committed to enhancing the durability and performance of remanufactured tires to ensure they match or surpass the performance of new tires. Our quality checks guarantee the reliability of the AcuTread® Product.
We are committed to adhering to strict safety standards and regulations throughout the remanufacturing process. Our clean, modern manufacturing environment and advanced training programs foster a culture of quality and safety that makes the AcuTread® Process extremely successful.
We are committed to a streamlined and efficient production process, minimizing turnaround time. The AcuTread® Process ensures reliable and consistent delivery every time, so our customers can feel good about putting their trust in us. 

We are committed to being transparent with our business practices—including clear communication about the remanufacturing process, materials used, and pricing. We strive for integrity in all that we do, business dealings included.

We are committed to understanding and meeting the specific needs of our customers, providing customized solutions. We strive for responsive customer service, addressing all inquiries, concerns, and feedback as promptly as possible.

We are committed to staying up-to-date with industry regulations and standards to ensure full compliance. As industry leaders, we stay engaged with industry associations and take on initiatives to contribute to retreading advancements.

The Development of AcuTread

Bob Majewski first designed the AcuTread Segmented Mold Cure Process in 1994.

Not long after, Bob struck up a friendship with Jon and Bill Langerak, forming the AcuTread Alliance Group (AAG) alongside Wonderland Tire partners.


Wonderland Tire eventually acquired the AcuTread® Process in 2014 to further promote its growth.
And in 2018, Bob was inducted into the Tire Industry Association (TIA) Hall of Fame for his accomplishments and contributions to the retreading industry. Today, Wonderland Tire owns and operates three AcuTread® manufacturing facilities in the Midwest and Mideast United States and is a co-developer of the AcuTread® process.

Profitability Around Every Corner

Manufacturing tires with the AcuTread® Process provides substantially greater profitability to independent retreaders than the typical precure retreading process—with both direct and indirect savings.