Limited Warranty

What is Covered:

Every AcuTread is warrantied against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the usable tread for 2 full years on customer’s casing or dealer supplied casing.

Premium grade casing is warrantied for 3 full years. Usable tread is defined as the tread depth down to 4/32nds of an inch of tread remaining. Coverage will be based on the date of manufacture.

What is Not Covered:

Road hazard injury (cut, snags, impact damage, punctures, etc…)

Improper mounting, or improper repair made by others

Under inflation, over inflation, misapplication, neglect or other abuse

Mechanical damage from the vehicle, wheel misalignment resulting in fast or uneven wear

Casings classified and branded as “NA” next to the DOT code

Calculation of Replacement or Credit:

An AcuTread or dealer supplied casing which becomes unserviceable due to a condition covered under this warranty will be credited at 100% of invoice price when 15% or less of original tread is worn.

When between 15% worn and 4/32nds tread remaining, credit will be pro-rated based on the actual invoice price. The customer is responsible for charges for mounting and balancing of the tire and any other service charges or applicable taxes.

This warranty does not provide compensation for loss of time, vehicle, inconvenience, or consequential damage and is for the exclusive benefit of customer and is not assignable.