Are Retreaded Tires Only Suitable for Certain Vehicles or Applications?

Are Retreaded Tires Only Suitable for Certain Vehicles or Applications?

School busses in a line, ready for retreaded tires

The discussion of tire retreading often revolves around trucking fleets. However, are they the only vehicles suitable for retreaded tires? 

With new cutting-edge retreading equipment and manufacturing methods that are almost identical to the way the world’s leading manufacturers produce new tires, retread tires have improved significantly in recent years and are a great, sustainable option for several different commercial vehicles and applications. 

An Assurance of Safety 

Tires remanufactured with state-of-the-art retreading processes are just as safe, if not safer, than new tires. The remanufacturing process meets the same standards as the original tire manufacturing process and follows many of the same steps. Retreaded tires are only manufactured with certified materials and undergo multiple vigorous inspections.

For more information, Wonderland Tire, a co-developer of the AcuTread® process, answers the question “Are Retreads Safe?” in their guide to retreads and their benefits.

Vehicles That Rely on Retreaded Tires

Vehicles rated at two tons or more are often considered good candidates for retreads. That includes both box trucks and straight trucks. However, vehicles that are smaller in size like cars, passenger trucks, and one-ton trucks that use light-truck tires typically aren’t retreaded.

What types of vehicles utilize remanufactured tires? These vehicles are known for relying on retread tires to keep them rolling:

  • Ambulances
  • Fire trucks
  • Semi-trucks and trailers
  • Aircrafts
  • School buses
  • Medium trucks
  • Military vehicles

Airplane on a landing strip, capable of having retreaded tires

Applications of Remanufactured Tires 

You can find an array of different retread types that serve several different applications. For example, an off-road application requires that your tire have a self-cleaning tread design, cut resistance, and aggressive traction for performance both on and off the road. Long-haul, regional, short-haul, and P&D applications require a tread that decreases irregular wear and increases your mileage.

Failure to equip your commercial vehicles with the right tires will lead to subpar performance. You should consult tire professionals when it comes to the remanufactured models you should use for your application to yield the best results.

AcuTread® Products | Retread Tires for Sale 

Traction – Designed to give you full traction wherever the road may lead, full-depth siping means you will never lose traction throughout the entire life of the tire.

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Highway – Designed for the long haul, these treads are specially engineered to improve fuel economy and reduce road noise.

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Wide Base – Designed for wide base applications, these treads offer stability, puncture resistance, and decreased road harmonics.

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On/Off Road – Designed to give you optimal performance on and off the road, these treads will get you wherever you need to go.

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Choosing a Retread Partner

Partner with a retread dealer that can meet the needs of your fleet with custom retread programs. A qualified dealer can provide guidance on which products are best suited for your fleet based on your vehicle, terrain, etc.

Find your nearest AcuTread® dealer!

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