Wonderland Tire Begins AcuTread Production in Lebanon, TN

Wonderland Tire Begins AcuTread Production in Lebanon, TN

Wonderland Tire produced their first AcuTread tire at their plant in Lebanon, TN, on February 29, 2024.

Wonderland Tire Begins AcuTread Production in Lebanon, Tennessee

Wonderland Tire recently installed state-of-the-art AcuTread® equipment at their Lebanon, TN location! Relocating their precure chambers, they made room for a new monorail system and eight new AcuTread presses. Now, customers across Tennessee and beyond have access to the superior AcuTread® process and product.


Wonderland Tire installs eight new AcuTread presses at their plant in Lebanon, Tennessee.


Meeting the Demand

“Several of our customers were already buying AcuTread products because they saw the value of the premium AcuTread mold cure,” said Rob Majewski, AcuTread’s technical director, in an MTD article. “Those AcuTreads were being produced at our Newport, Ky., plant, and turnaround time was becoming less than ideal.”

Now that there’s an AcuTread plant in Lebanon, TN, just 30 miles from Nashville, turnaround times are better than ever. 


AcuTread: A Great Success for Wonderland Tire

“Wonderland has been very successful with the AcuTread product,” said Jason Cleveland, Wonderland Tire’s vice president of retreading operations, in an MTD article. “It’s an exclusive product that we manufacture ourselves and has proven to be a quality product. It offers many new tire features, such as matched tire diameters, splice-free, full-depth siping, and excellent mileage and reliability.”

Wonderland Tire currently has three AcuTread plants and is one of the largest retreaders in the country! Read more about our journey with Wonderland Tire.


A trained AcuTread technician puts the finishing touches on a tire casing at the Moline, MI, Wonderland Tire plant.


Wonderland Tire: A Top 50 Retreader of the AcuTread® Product

Highlighting the Top 50 retreaders in the United States, Modern Tire Dealer revealed that Wonderland Tire is the 27th largest nationwide retreader as an AcuTread® manufacturer. We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this achievement with them! 

Each April, Modern Tire Dealer ranks the “Top 50 Retreaders in the U.S.” based on the average amount of tread rubber used to retread different types of tires. MTD rewards one point for every seven points of rubber used per retread. Each light truck tire retread equals 1.7 points, each truck tire retread equals 3.5 points, and each OTR retread equals 46 points. (The point total does not include industrial tires.)

Read all about it in MTD’s April 2024 publication!

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