Wonderland Tire: A Top 50 Retreader of the AcuTread® Product

Wonderland Tire: A Top 50 Retreader of the AcuTread® Product


In their April 2023 issue highlighting the Top 50 retreaders in the United States, Modern Tire Dealer published Wonderland Tire as 28th largest nationwide retreader as an AcuTread® manufacturer. We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this achievement with them! Get a look inside Wonderland’s Wayland, Michigan AcuTread® retread plant on the front cover. 

The AcuTread Segmented Mold Cure Process used by Wonderland Tire was first designed by Bob Majewski in 1994. The AcuTread® process was a huge innovative development for Wonderland Tire that they incorporated into their manufacturing process in 1998. 

Shortly after this shift to mold cure retreading, Wonderland and Bob Majewski became partners in forming the AcuTread Alliance Group (AAG). This group was formed to develop the AcuTread® process further to bring an unparalleled remanufactured tire to the market and bring profitability to independent retreaders. 

Wonderland Tire eventually acquired the AcuTread® Process in 2014 to further promote growth and innovation. And in March of 2021, Wonderland Tire added Sumerel Tire Service Inc., Hancock County Tire, and Wilson County Tire & Retreading to their family, thus expanding our reach.

April 8, 2023 marked 25 years of the AcuTread® Process at Wonderland Tire! The AcuTread® Process is a highly advanced retreading system that is engineered second to none. Our clean, modern manufacturing environment and advanced training programs cultivate a certain level of quality that makes the AcuTread® Process extremely successful. 

Each April, Modern Tire Dealer ranks the “Top 50 Retreaders in the U.S.” based on the average amount of tread rubber used to retread different types of tires. MTD rewards one point for every seven points of rubber used per retread. Each light truck tire retread equals 1.7 points, each truck tire retread equals 3.5 points, and each OTR retread equals 46 points. (The point total does not include industrial tires)

Read all about it in Modern Tire Dealer’s newest issue! 

It’s a huge honor to be recognized for our 25 successful years working alongside Wonderland Tire, an independent retreader of the AcuTread® mold cure process. So, here’s to 25 more years of success and providing an industry-leading retread product! 

Are you thinking of becoming an independent retreader? With our highly advanced retreading system, you too can be successful and profitable with a clean operation and a second-to-none product for your customers!